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Global design and manufacture of precision sheet metal assemblies


From design through to assembly & integration, we can provide a tailored production solution for your product.

Design & Project Management

C&F provides the professional support services to bring your ideas & products to the marketplace.

Whether you need full 3D CAD design from concept, FMEA analysis, simulation, prototype development, M.A.S.T. testing, or independent certification, we are happy to be your manufacturing partner.

Tooling Manufacture & Maintenance

Staying true to our roots, C&F offers full on site tool design, manufacture, and maintenance of stamping tools, fixtures, jigs, and assembly machines. Our experience in the design & build of all types of sheet metal stamping tooling is second to none.

All production tooling undergoes a Preventative Maintenance program. All tool maintenance, repair, Engineering Change, and VA-VE activity is carried out on site with full design control and no interruption to customer deliveries.

We also partner with other tool-making companies to manage large scale tooling projects at the most competitive prices.

CNC machining

At our C&F Tooling, Ireland facility, we can offer a very comprehensive CNC machining service with our extensive range of state-of-the-art machining centres, mills, lathes, surface grinders, and Wire EDM machines.

CNC Laser Cutting, Punching & Forming

Our CNC fabrication processes include turret punching, sheet and tube laser cutting, and precision bending of both sheet metal & tubular sections. We have an extensive library of standard tooling and can manufacture bespoke punching tools and forming tools in-house.



Each C&F facility is equipped with a range of modern presswork machines, from 100 tonnes to 800 tonnes stamping force, with ancillary coil handling equipment. A full tool manufacture and maintenance service is available on-site.


We have both manual and robotic certified welding processes in most of the common welding methods, including spot-welding, MIG, TIG, and MMA welding.

Other metal joining methods such as toggle-locking are also available

Riveting & clinch nut insertion

All formats of rivets, clinch inserts, weld nuts, and riv-nuts are used in our assembly processes.

Painting & Protective Coatings

We offer automatic electro powder painting, with 7-stage pre-treatment including iron phosphate, shot-blasting, automated and manual powder application guns, and waste powder recovery. Our bespoke powder application plant has 2 spray booths for primer and top-coat application, and can take product up to 12m x 3m x 2m.

We have local sub-contract specialists who support us with additional services such as e-coating, galvanizing, and zinc plating.

Electro / mechanical assemblies

We manufacture server racks and enclosures for several key OEM users and industry leaders.

Cabinets and enclosures can be integrated with various mechanical hardware items such as latches, hinges, locks, seals, gaskets, labels, and decals.

Electrical / electronic items are also integrated such as cable assemblies, power supplies & distribution units, and HMI control panels

Electronic assemblies & Software

In support of our core business activities, C&F has in-house capabilities for the design & manufacture of electrical control systems, cable harness assemblies, PCB’s, and Special Purpose machinery design & development using a full range of different PLC’s / HMI’s.

We also develop software for embedded microprocessors in C, Java, & Python.

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