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Global design and manufacture of precision sheet metal assemblies


C&F provide precision engineered solutions in sheet metal to a wide range of industry sectors.

Server racks / Data storage

With the capacity to build over 50,000 data server racks per year globally, C&F supply both flat-pack and fully assembled server rack systems (including seismic zone 4 rating) to all the leading OEM’s in the data storage industry.


From farm machinery and excavator components to enclosures for industrial generators, C&F have the expertise and range of services to be your production partner.

Transport refrigeration / climate control

C&F can provide all the expertise, technical skills, world leading equipment & processes, coupled with a commitment to excel, to take your product from concept to marketplace.


With manufacturing sites in Ireland, Czech Republic, and The Philippines, C&F are ideally positioned to meet your sub-contract manufacturing and engineering needs.

Our foundation is firmly in precision tool-making for the sheet metal pressing industry, so quality & accuracy are cornerstones of our philosophy. We operate ISO-9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and OHSAS 18001:2015 quality systems

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