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The C&F Group

Michael Carr & John Flaherty established the C&F Group in 1989. Sales revenue for the C&F Group has grown steadily over the past five years and turnover in 2007 reached $100 million internationally.

This growth was achieved through shrewd financial management, identifying cost improvements, investment in new technology, implementation of best practice manufacturing processes and most importantly a vision to excel in service, building customer relationships and continuous innovation.

The C&F Group is headquartered in a purpose built 180,000 sq feet facility in Athenry, Co. Galway. The C&F Group employs 984 people worldwide. C&F has a significant number of Fortune 500 companies on its client list including IBM, EMC, APC, Ingersoll Rand, Glen Dimplex, Sanyo and Hitachi Koki. Furthermore, C&F have achieved ‘Top Tier Global Supply Status’ with three of the leaders in the server rack business – IBM, EMC and APC.

Our value proposition is to deliver superior products and services to our clients. The C&F Group has assembled a first class team of industrial design experts to deliver solutions based on innovation and engineering excellence.

The company has structured a unique set of distinctive capabilities based on domain expertise, spanning from concept design to a world–class manufacturing process.

Beyond our design and tooling expertise, our whole manufacturing process is a blend of state-of-the-art technology and best in class industrial engineering know-how, all of which is unrivalled by our competitors.

C&F operational excellence is predicated by our ability to out-perform, out-class and out-deliver our competitors on levels of workmanship quality, streamlined manufacturing processes and un-surpassed levels of customer care and retention. Our performance within our industry sector is in the upper quartile for our client’s total cost of business.

The primary objective and core business driver for the C&F Group is to develop a distinctive capability. By definition a “Distinctive Capability is a set of core attributes in business that competitors find difficult to replicate". On this basis the C&F Group has developed a distinctive capability by transforming itself into a global supplier of innovative engineering solutions. This gives the group a competitive advantage which enables C&F to attract and retain Fortune 500 companies and as a result has fueled our global expansion.

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