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machinery logisticsThe C&F Group provides logistical options to meet our customers' specifications and timelines. C&F engages 3rd party international logistical solution providers to ensure prompt delivery to local customer sites.

Value Added Services

Product Assemblies, Powder CoatingThe C&F Group strives to be a total solutions provider to our customers. Value added services available in all of manufacturing facilities include:

Quality Assurance

Coordinate Measuring MachineThe C&F Group embraces the TQM (Total Quality Management) philosophy and culture. Production operators are fully trained and required to take responsibility for the quality requirements of the product they are working on.


Manufacturing Processes

Manufacturing TechnologyThe C&F Group has attained expertise and experience in the manufacture of a wide range of product types.

Engineering Services

EngineeringOur experienced engineering support teams provide efficient manufacturing equipment repair and maintenance services to our production team. This expert and timely support maximises the delivery of product to our client.

Design & Development

Product DesignThe C&F Group is a proven solutions provider, working in partnership with our customers, to realise the customer’s product design specification.