Proven ability to take
product design from
concept through to
prototyping, testing,
verification and
into production.

The ISO 9001 processes
and procedures at
C&F ensure that we
deliver products to
the highest quality specification.

Why use C&F Group?

Our in house capabilities
ensure a zero down time
rate and that all production
equipment is operating to
maximum efficiency.


We integrate design,
engineering, project
management and value added
activity into engineering

About the Group

Michael Carr & John Flaherty established the C&F Group in 1989. Sales revenue for the C&F Group has grown steadily over the past five years and turnover in 2007 reached $100 million internationally. This growth was achieved through shrewd financial management, identifying cost improvements, investment in new technology and implementation of best practice manufacturing processes.

Our logistics network allows
customers to deploy JIT
manufacturing processes.




Our manufacturing processes
are streamlined to deliver a
360 degree solution for


Our Global Reach

Global Contract Manufacturer