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Rack Manufacture

Racks and Enclosures

The design, manufacture and assembly of high quality racks and enclosures at each of our facilities enables us to service our global customer. This rack manufacture service allows us to add extra value to their production requirements.

Industrial Racks
Industrial racks provide a storage system used to support high stacking or palletized loads. In heavy industrial contexts, pallet racks which can be loaded by machine are used for shipping and manufacturing. Use warehouse racks or bulk racks for bulky storage that is hand loaded.

Rack Manufacture, Data Center, Server Storage RacksData Center Racks Manufacturing
C&F Group was originally established to design and make press tools used to cut metal.

Since then, we have expanded to metal manufacture itself, including server storage racks for data centers.

As reported by the Irish Independent newspaper, C&F is a long-time supplier to IBM. We have established a manufacturing plant in Dongguan, China to manufacture the server racks.
Our server rack manufacturing was also described by the Irish Times

“Mr Flaherty established C&F 20 years ago to make industrial equipment and tools, subsequently growing the company into a global contract manufacturer. Customers for the firm's existing products, which range from computer casings to server racks, include multinationals such as IBM and EMC.”

Rack Manufacture Sales
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