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Our performance servicing the IT Sector is based on our ability to deliver to demanding service based deadlines. We serve this sector in an environment of complex component designs and a substantial degree of product iterations. Our ability to combine Advanced Tooling design with a highly efficient manufacturing process has been integral to supporting some of the worlds most preeminent manufacturing companies. Products manufactured by C&F to serve the needs of the IT Industry include: Data Center Rack Systems, Metal enclosures, U.P.S Systems, Chassis and Set Top Boxes.

Clients in this sector require complex and tailor made manufacturing solutions. To this end we deliver a suite of solutions for key players within the refrigeration industry. Solutions include metal housings for mobile refrigeration units and fixed floor units for food display.





The C&F Group is required to customise and reconfigure a substantial level of agility when servicing this sector. An integral part of our capabilities is the integration of cellular manufacturing clusters, with some of the most sophisticated fabrication techniques being used. The critical alignment of C&F’s superior engineering allows for a rapid respond to on-demand schedule changes. This flexibiltiy allows us to excell at transforming our business from pure manufacturing to an extensive range of Value Added Services.


Iralco provides its customers with a turnkey solution for all decorative and functional trim components in aluminium and steel. Iralco has extensive experience of working in partnership with OEM's, designers and engineers, defining their trim requirements to an exacting detail. Its business model, based on TS 16949, ensures that all customers’ requirements are met in full. Since formation in 1964, Iralco have supplied both volume and niche car manufacturers. Iralco’s first customers were Saab and Volvo.